Ireland has 32 resident and 3 common migrant butterfly species and while this is quite a manageable number to learn, some colour-groups of butterflies are more challenging than others. There are online guides to help the enthusiast.





Peacock Butterfly


The Peacock Butterfly is a resident species. It is a generalist, found across tall herb and grassy forest clearings, fallow crops, field margins, urban parks and gardens. Adults roost in holes in trees in autumn, and also during hibernation, when they may use other types of enclosed areas such as buildings. After emerging in spring they roost on sunlit dry ground, in thick, broad-leaved vegetation such as ivy.




Painted Lady

The Painted Lady is one of our 3 migrant species. Migrant adults can appear early in spring, but more often from mid-April to about mid-June. The main flight season is, however, in late summer, peaking in mid-August to mid-September, but numbers fluctuate greatly from year to year, and few if any specimens are recorded in poor migration years.